About Well Strung Band

Well Strung is a band made up of experienced musicians who have played and toured to different degrees with other bands, and was put together with the purposes of jamming, having fun with the crowd, and creating a unique and memorable experience. They are a local band in Tampa Bay Area and based on the information provided, it seems that they play a variety of musical styles to create a unique and memorable experience for audiences. They are entertainers who are passionate about music and are determined to entertain the crowd.


Rick is a professional drummer who’s performed around Tampa scene for several decades. Although currently a primary member of the Tampa sensation ‘WellStrung’ since 2013, he has kept a busy schedule gigging with local and regional musicians and acts alike as a first-call drummer for hire. He has played locally at places such Disneyworld and HardRock Cafe, performed overseas in Germany, Phillipines, Mexico, and even played throughout the Carribean with several large cruise companies. Rick is proficient with acoustic drums and electronics alike and currently holds endorsements by Zendrum Corp, and Galaxy Audio. www.rickondrums.com


St Pete native James (J.R.) Williams holds down the bass duties. Growing up in St Petersburg FLA, J.R. cultivated a life long passion for Cones of the Pine variety. “Reach down, there’s a pine cone to be found” is a common, colorful, catchphrase the entirety of his friends, family, and even St. Peters himself has heard, mumbled of course, from J.R.’s mouth a time or two. The fondness for fallen delights, maintained from an early age of 11, stayed strong and true, taking him far across the southeast proper searching, county to county, for the pride, the wholly prickly pine of perfection, the one that legend will call “RideAUpine.”


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