Johnny B’s Vinyl Groove 5-Pack Decal Set


Introducing the Johnny B GroovePack: a hilariously awesome assortment of decals that playfully capture the wild ride that is Johnny B’s musical escapade. We’ve bottled his energy, his quirks, and his sheer audacity in these decals, so you can sprinkle a little Johnny B spice wherever you please.

You know, Johnny B is like a musical chameleon – he’s got more styles than your grandma’s crochet collection. And guess what? Our GroovePack decals are like a crash course in Johnny B-ology. Stick them up, and it’s like you’re getting a PhD in “What in the World is Johnny B Up To Now?”

Each decal is like a secret handshake for Johnny B fans. The uninitiated will raise an eyebrow, but fellow fans will give you that knowing nod, because they get it. It’s like being part of a quirky, musical underground club, where Johnny B reigns supreme, and the rest of the world is just playing catch-up.

Now, we’re not saying these decals will make you strum a guitar like a rock god or hit those high notes like a diva. But, they might just channel a sprinkle of Johnny B’s mojo into your life. Need some Monday motivation? Slap on a decal. Feeling a bit “meh”? Let Johnny B’s irrepressible spirit remind you that life’s too short to be ordinary.

So, get ready to turn your space into a shrine of musical hilarity with the Johnny B GroovePack. Stick ’em on, have a laugh, and let the world wonder what’s going on. After all, life’s a little more interesting when you’ve got Johnny B riding shotgun on your walls, right?