JBL Custom Bar Blade Bottle Opener


Introducing the JBL Custom Bar Blade Bottle Opener – the ultimate drinking companion that not only opens bottles with style but also enhances your drinking experience in hilarious ways. Crafted from black stainless steel, this sleek tool features a flat, elongated shape with a small lip or hook on one end, ensuring that you can effortlessly unleash the delicious contents of your favorite bottles.

But that’s not all! This magical bar blade has been rumored to have special powers.

Yes, believe it or not, it has been scientifically proven* that using the JBL Custom Bar Blade Bottle Opener will make you drink more and magically transform Johnny B Live’s music into a mind-blowing auditory sensation. It’s like having your very own DJ in your pocket!

So grab your JBL Custom Bar Blade, crack open a cold one, and let the good times roll. With each bottle opened, the music gets sweeter, the laughter gets louder, and the night gets even more unforgettable. Get ready to experience a whole new level of partying, thanks to the extraordinary powers of the JBL Custom Bar Blade Bottle Opener.

Warning: We are not responsible for the uncontrollable urge to dance, sing along, or become the life of the party. Embrace the fun responsibly!

*Disclaimer: The scientific study mentioned above may or may not exist, but hey, who needs science when you’ve got a cool bottle opener, right?


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Standard 7", Pocket Sized 3.5"