JBL Bearded Decal


Introducing the badass Johnny B Summer Decal! Get ready to crank up the heat with this sizzling design featuring our very own Tampa Bay legend, Johnny B, sporting his shades and rockin’ his fresh new beard. This decal is like a punch in the face of awesomeness!

Crafted from tough-as-nails vinyl material, this bad boy can handle whatever the summer throws at it. Rain or shine, pool parties or beach escapades, this decal laughs in the face of water and UV rays. It’s practically indestructible, just like Johnny B’s killer guitar solos!

Stick it on your car, your laptop, your surfboard, or even your granny’s wheelchair (if she’s cool with it), and let the world know you’re a true Tampa Bay Johnny B rebel. This decal adds instant street cred to any surface, turning heads and leaving jaws dropped in its wake.  So, whether you’re chilling by the bay or causing a ruckus in the streets, embrace the power of Johnny B and slap this bad boy on.

Warning: Side effects may include increased coolness, spontaneous air guitar solos, and an uncontrollable urge to dance like nobody’s watching.

Get your Johnny B Summer Decal today and join the ranks of the fearless, the funky, and the downright crude. Summer just got a whole lot hotter, baby!

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