NEW Business Cards Now Available

So, I got some cards…

The time finally came that enough of you out there needed or wanted to grab my card to get in contact with me…and my business card stash ran out completely. So I decided to get some more. The only problem was, that I didnt have the old file anymore and n way to track it down.

So I hit up my designer over at and told him my situation. So he came back with the offer to redo the cards no problem and spun me up a few mock ups to choose from. We went back and fourth a couple of times and finalized what you see here and when you come up and toss me a tip on stage!!!

Got my social tag #johnnyblive on there, which is great cause I love it when you guys comment! The facebook beer hand is classic, and of course all my updated contact information in of there. You can see on the backside of the card that I am still pushing our holiday toy drive where we all have so much fun. Anyways, enjoy the designs and thanks!

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